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Top 5 Best Performances of The Star Spangled Banner

Rosalind, here.  We’re well into the July 4th weekend, and congrats if you’ve got a four-day weekend!

One of the things I really like about the blog is that I get to share some of my favorite lists of things with you.  You’ll find I’m BIG on lists because…well, they’re fun.  So, here is my first list.

As we celebrate the 4th of July, I started thinking about the 5 Best Performances of The Star Spangled Banner.  We’ve seen the performances at baseball games and other sporting events.  Now that nearly everyone has a camera on their smartphones, we can even see the really bad performances in real time.

I love all 5 of the performances for different reasons.  When Marvin Gaye sang The Star Spangled Banner almost 34 years ago, at the 1983 All-Star Basketball Game, I felt chills for the first time listening to it.  Until then, singing our national anthem was pretty straight forward despite the vocal challenges. Marvin Gaye’s rendition gave the song soul, and made it, I think, accessible to everyone.

One other performance that made my list was by Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live fame.  She perfectly captured every singer who ever over-performed America’s national anthem.  I think her performance was hysterically funny because it allowed us to make fun of ourselves.  What is a nation without a sense of humor?

Here’s the list of the 5 Best Performances of Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner. There’s no Why I Love It! Just check it out HEREand enjoy. Happy July 4th!

In no particular order, I’m sharing:

Whitney Houston

Maya Rudolph

Marvin Gaye

Jimi Hendrix


Make it a great week!

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