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Top 10 Best Halloween Songs Ever!

Rosalind, here. It’s the day before Halloween, and I’m beyond excited because Halloween is my favorite pseudo-holiday.  Ghosts and goblins. Creative and thoughtful costumes. Children out on a nice, fall day enjoying a rite of childhood, and eating way too much candy.  Question:  How many of you in the community love the little packets of Sweet Tarts you get only at Halloween?

The only things I love better than Sweet Tarts at Halloween, are the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Tivoli here in St. Louis and Halloween music.  From Michael Jackson’s Thriller to the Eagles’ Witchy Woman, the music is fun, scary, and creative masterpieces.  Halloween is all about having fun on a night when we can leave our normal lives behind, and pretend to be somebody else, something else. The parties and neighborhood celebrations…St. Louis is full of them. Everybody have a safe and wonderful Halloween.

And now my list. In no particular order, I’m sharing:

  1. Ray Parker, Jr.:  Ghostbusters
  2. The Eagles:  Witchy Woman
  3. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince:  A Nightmare on My Street
  4. Michael Jackson:  Thriller
  5. Santana:  Black Magic Woman
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show:  Time Warp
  7. Rockwell:  Somebody’s Watching Me
  8. Eminem Ft. Rhiana: The Monster (Explicit)
  9. Bruce Springsteen:  The Monster Mash w/Intro
  10. Stevie Wonder:  Superstition

Make it a great week!

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