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We wanted a different kind of newsletter, something that was truly member exclusive. Published just six times a year, Keith and I wanted a newsletter that was chuck-full of news about the musicians, the music you listen to every day on Because we’re a boutique radio station, both the newsletter’s design and content had to reflect the  laid-back, nostalgic experience you feel while listening to  It was imperative that you feel the “cool!”  That’s why we hope you love the overall black and white design of the newsletter, with just a hint of blue.  It is a true reflection of the community: sophisticated, smart, informative, and stylish.

What was even more fun was developing the editorial content for the newsletter.  You will know about your favorite artists and their latest projects, music and books about music, reviews, and ways to connect with potential friends from a worldwide pool of listeners with a similar musical palette.   You will know what’s happening at, such as member-exclusive events, or how to buy discounted tickets to that next big concert.

Back to Our Adopted Hometown!

Jazz musician and seven-time Grammy winner Al Jarreau recently passed away at age 76 in Los Angeles, California.  For Keith and me, Jarreau represented everything we admire:  honesty in his work, a sincere love for the music, fun-loving, articulate, and most of all, well aware of how lucky he was to be doing the work he loved.  No matter how far he traveled, he never forgot his hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin…the city Keith and I grew up in.

While is not affiliated with the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music, we want to encourage everyone in the community to make a donation to an endowment bearing Jarreau’s name.  The endowment was established by the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music, and will help Milwaukee Public School children participate in music programs sponsored by the Wisconsin School Music Association.  In our eyes, Jarreau was not just an innovative and talented musician, but also a great and humble man. Considering our imagined connection with him, it just made sense for us to pay homage to Jarreau in the premiere issue of our newsletter, WAX!.  In your inbox July 2017.  #wax

WAX! is member-exclusive.  You’ll receive the newsletter in your inbox every other month, beginning July 2017. After you’ve read it cover-to-cover, tell us what you think here or on social media.  #reedradio  #wax

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