The Morning Hookup

Sometimes you just have to roll up the car window, and sing as loud as you want!


It usually takes a hot shower and a 20 oz. Cherry Coke (I don’t drink coffee) to wake me up, and get my morning started. That is, until my brother, Keith, came up with an upbeat and nostalgic mix of “Old School” music that I can blast as loud as I want on my car radio during my morning drive to work.

Keith hooked us up, ya’ll! Laid back. Way back. The way life is supposed to be.

A recent Gallop Poll determined you’re happier when you listen to music.  Yep, the louder you sing, the better you feel! Roll up your car window, and sing as loud as you want to Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World, or Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground.  Whatever your favorite “Old School” song is, I guarantee you’ll hear it on during the Morning Hookup! Tune in every weekday morning, 6:00am – 10:00am CST.

How to find the Morning Hookup?  You can download the App, or find the Morning Hookup through your car’s WiFi at   The App will be available for download April 2, 2018.  #themorninghookup


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