The Here’s What’s Interesting!  Podcast


The Here’s What’s Interesting! Podcast debuts on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 8:00pm.  New episodes premiere every other Wednesday at 8:00pm, and are re-broadcast the following Tuesday morning at 10:00am.

About the Show

The Here’s What’s Interesting! Podcast is a series of honest and informative conversations hosted by Rosalind Denise Reed.  (Read her bio HERE.)  Rosalind talks with the movers and shakers in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, as well as around the United States of America. Artists, educators, politicians, and people who are doing interesting things with their lives, in their communities or nationally. As we move into a new and different era of public policy, the guests on the Podcast will be the new game-changers, the people who will change politics, art, entertainment, medicine, and every other aspect of our lives in the decades to come.  For more information about each episode, click HERE. Produced by Open the Door Productions, LLC.

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