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Welcome to the “Here’s What’s Interesting” Podcast

The “Here’s What’s Interesting!” Podcast debuts on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 8:00pm. New episodes premiere every other Wednesday night at 8:00pm, and are re-broadcast the following Tuesday morning at 10:00am.  Access the Podcast via iTunes, Google Music Play, SoundCloud, Spreaker, and #hereswhatsinterestingpodcast

About the Show

The “Here’s What’s Interesting!” Podcast is a series of honest and informative conversations hosted by Rosalind Reed.  She talks with the artists, educators, politicians, and ordinary people who are inspired by their need to do something interesting and positive with their lives, in their communities.  Sometimes that need is brought to fruition by an irrepressible love of life, the need for artistic expression, or unspeakable tragedy.  Whatever the reason, the world seems to be a better place because of the efforts of these extraordinary people.  The “Here’s What’s Interesting” Podcast is produced by Rosalind Reed Industries for  Open the Door Productions, LLC.

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