Keith Reed

Wyldon Keith Reed

Co-Founder and Vice President of Productions & Music Director

As most of you know by now, is very much a family affair, and my first name is no exception.  My mother’s sister, Geneva Garrett, had a penchant for unusual names that seemed somehow to flow off the tongue with ease.  Yes, I have a one-of-a-kind first name , but I prefer to use my middle name, Keith, professionally.

The second of five children, I was born in St. Louis, Missouri (this is my hometown), but spent most of my childhood was spent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when our parents migrated there looking for a better life during the turbulent 60’s.  It was in Milwaukee that I began to lay the foundation for my career in radio as a DJ in the local clubs.  In addition to my commitment to,  I am still an active DJ throughout the St. Louis area.

We lost our mother, Elizabeth, five years ago, but one of the things she was most proud of was that my sister, Rosalind, and I were developing the idea for  In fact, that’s how the radio station got its name.  The last name “Reed,” for us as kids, is synonymous with hard work and perseverance.  Even though our first attempt to get off the ground failed, we learned a lot about the business of “Internet Business.”  Mom didn’t live to see come to fruition, but Roz and I believe she is looking down on us, feeling very proud of this incarnation of  Thank you for listening to the station.


Peace and Love,




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My brother, Keith, brings a  wealth of knowledge about the music, but, also, the music and radio industries.  After nearly 25 years in various managerial positions at radio stations throughout the Midwest, and several southern stations, Keith is the consummate music mixologist, making him the heart and soul of

With our listeners in mind every step of the way, Keith has successfully developed a fusion of  Smooth Jazz and “Old School” Soul music with a taste of Blues.  This means the music library has, at its base, a vast and inclusive collection of works by contemporary and vintage Smooth Jazz artists.  To add a little spice to the “cool” factor of the station, Keith goes for the nostalgia of Old School R&B and good old fashion down home Blues. The result is a listening experience that spans the emotional spectrum:  nostalgia, rhythmic spice, and, of course, the epitome of cool.  Every day!  All day long!

Open the Door Productions, LLC is the production company behind  As Music Director, Keith’s main goal is to find new and innovative ways to continually enhance our listeners’ experience with  There are several projects in the works, but one of Keith’s pet projects is the LIVE streaming of concerts by local and regional Jazz artists.  He is working hard to get this member-exclusive series of concerts off the ground and into your headphones.  Watch for more information in the Facebook Group  on the social sites, or here, on the official website.

My brother’s biggest fan,