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Facebook Live Audio is Coming to!

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I’m also checking in with you because I have great news to share.  Most of you may have heard Facebook has a new feature: Live Audio.  It’s just like a Podcast, but on Facebook. The feature has been available on Facebook since December 2016, but we don’t expect to roll it out on until January 2018.

What is Facebook Live Audio?

Simply put, Facebook Live Audio is just like Facebook Live, except without the video component. Live audio is a way, within our Facebook Live Video plugin, to broadcast audio only directly to Facebook.  ” We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video,” reads the Facebook Blog Post explaining the news. Facebook publishers can use Live Audio to broadcast interviews, book readings, or Podcasts.

How Will Use Facebook Live Audio

My sister, Rosalind, and I expect to use the Facebook Live Audio plugin to broadcast exclusive content within our Facebook Group, directly to the community. This plugin will be especially useful in promoting The  St. Louis on Fire! Podcast and our remote broadcasts. We’re particularly excited about this aspect of our programming because, with Facebook Live Audio, our live remotes will seem more like “Old School Radio” broadcasting, spontaneous and fun.  Facebook Live Audio will give us an exciting tool to amp up our programming, especially since Facebook has decided to push Live Audio into its news feed algorithm.

Stay tuned for more information on how plans to use Facebook Live Audio, here on these pages, in our Facebook Group, or on our social sites.

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