The Earth Wind & Fire Concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rosalind here. ROAD TRIP!  I love a good road trip, especially to see one of the greatest R&B bands in history in concert.  EARTH WIND & FIRE is on tour, and they’ll stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Friday, March 23, 2018 at the Riverside Theater. will be there. #reedradioraodtrip As most of you in our listening audience already know, is all about family. My cousin, Lelois Graham, and I will be traveling to Milwaukee  specifically for the concert, and we plan to share our Road Trip Adventures  with you.  385 miles north of St. Louis, through Chicago to Milwaukee…home of[…]

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Does Radio Format Sabotage Listener Diversity?

Rosalind, here. Diversity and inclusion are important elements of the business model. One of the most important decisions my brother, Keith, and I had to make when starting was deciding what the station’s format was going to be. However, choosing a format is not that easy.  Radio music formats are used to design playlists that will attract the right audience, which is translated into advertising or sponsorship revenue. “Every radio station has its own personality, through the music it plays, its on-air talent and even its jingles. But most stations fall under specific radio format categories that are used to track[…]

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Facebook Live Audio is Coming to!

Keith, here. Just checking in. Hope you’re liking  Remember, if you have any comments or suggestions for improving the station, you can email me at I’m also checking in with you because I have great news to share.  Most of you may have heard Facebook has a new feature: Live Audio.  It’s just like a Podcast, but on Facebook. The feature has been available on Facebook since December 2016, but we don’t expect to roll it out on until January 2018. What is Facebook Live Audio? Simply put, Facebook Live Audio is just like Facebook Live, except[…]

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