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Lay Back. Way Back. The Way Life Is Supposed To Be!

Thank you for listening to  Keith and I hope you enjoyed the trip back…way back to when music was changing the landscape of America. Fats Domino, Little Richard, and St. Louis’ own Chuck Berry were leading the charge toward Rock ‘n Roll and the British invasion. The Motown sound was coming out of Detroit, and young Black artists were being groomed to look and sound different. Aretha Franklin was the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. As protests against the Vietnam War intensified, popular music became the new anthem…the consciousness of America.

The ’70s saw the rise of Funk, a new sound filled with drums and horns that seemed to invite us to the dance floor.  Basement parties, slow dances, and first kisses. Earth, Wind & Fire sang about love, while Elton John and Rod Stewart graced the Soul Train stage.

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Whitney Houston ruled the 80s.  Music videos and portable music devices changed the way we listened to and interpreted music.  As we slid into the ’90s, music became more personal, our music palettes more diverse and inclusive because technology allowed us to listen to whatever we wanted. Our playlists were as personal as the clothes we wore.

This is the way you should listen to Lay back, and hear the soundtrack of your life. Close your eyes, and go back to when music meant something to you.  For example, I celebrated my 21st birthday on the dance floor of a Disco Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just dancing until 4:00 am to the sounds of the Funkadelics, Donna Summer, and the Ohio Players. Keith was in the DJ Booth, and when he saw me on the dance floor, I had on a sheer dress over a nude bodysuit. You would’ve thought he was the older sibling. Whenever I hear the music of those artists, I always find myself remembering what a fun night that was. is a subscription-based Internet Radio Station. Keith and I want you to enjoy the station’s signature blend of “Old School” R&B and Classic Pop Music. Everything from Marvin Gaye to the Rolling Stones. The music will always be free to everyone, but for those of you who want to delve deeper into the global community, join the family.  Your music stream is commercial-free any time you want, anywhere you want.  #reedradio

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