It’s alright to be different…

Especially when you’re from the same family

Hi!  This is Rosalind and Keith.  We’re siblings, and we’re so happy you found your way to the radio station!  Just a bit about us:

Keith and I are very different people, even though we grew up in the same middle-class house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Music was always a part of our lives, just for the pleasure of the sound.  One day, our father (John Reed, Sr) brought home an old Juke Box which claimed a spot in our dining room for more than a decade.  Daddy cleaned up the Juke Box, and filled it with 45rpm records.  The music on the Juke Box included music from all genres.  There were five children in the house, and the music reflected all of us.  From Earth, Wind & Fire to Elton John to Gladys Knight & the Pips and Rod Stewart.  That old Juke Box saw many parties, or just filled the house with music during an afternoon of housecleaning.

It’s Okay to be Different

I’m rock ‘n roll.  The Stones, Bob Dylan, and Fleetwood Mac.  I listened to AM Stations on my Grandmother’s small transistor radio., dancing around the living room with my cousins.  Back then, my obsessions were Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, Martha & the Vandellas, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, and the Temptations.  I didn’t know it then, but Black artists were influencing both British and American artists, and the evolution of Rock ‘n Roll music.  I entered my teens during the protests against the Vietnam War, and near the end of the Civil Rights Movement.  These events changed my musical palette as it became more inclusive.  I began to appreciate genres other than soul music, and that was okay.

Keith was always a Smooth Jazz aficionado, and pure soul.  Keith turned his love for music into a business when he was fifteen years old, becoming a DJ in Milwaukee clubs and radio stations.  Keith went on to hold the positions of Program and Music Director at small to medium market radio stations in the Midwest, and throughout the South.  Although Keith is still active as a DJ in the St. Louis area, the experience he brings to more than qualifies him to be at the helm of the station’s music production.

An Idea at the Kitchen Table

We were sitting at Keith’s kitchen table about six years ago.  We began talking about Internet radio stations, and an idea began to form around our love for music. was the result of that conversation. We stumbled at first.  We knew absolutely nothing about starting and running a business, and even less about Internet radio stations.  We couldn’t even agree on a format for the station because our musical tastes were so different.

So, our first attempt failed, and that was okay.  We learned so much along the way:  like how not to do business with jerks.  How to protect our brand so that it embodied our core values.  How to harness technology, and make it work for us.  It’s been three years since went dark after our first try, but we finally figured it out. is not just about good music.  The station is about being laid-back, nostalgic, and inclusive.  It’s about shared music experiences with listeners from every corner of the globe. It’s about family.  #reedradio

Keith and I work collaboratively on developing the station’s audio and video programming.  Lets face it!  There are a million Internet radio stations out there in the universe.  We know that.  But what makes stand above the crowd is that place, after work and home, where we can relax and recharge. is “that place.”  We invite you to get to know us.  You just might come to think as the coolest thing to happen to Internet radio since…well, internet radio.  Click HERE for more information about how you can become part of the community.   

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