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Wyldon Keith Reed

Co-Founder and Vice President of Productions & Music Director

As most of you know by now, is very much a family affair, and my first name is no exception. My mother’s sister, Geneva, had a penchant for unusual names that seemed somehow to flow off the tongue with ease.  Yes, I have a one-of-a-kind first name, but I prefer to use my middle name (Keith) professionally.

The second of five children, I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but most of my childhood was spent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My parents migrated there looking for a better life 1964.  It was in Milwaukee that I began to lay the foundation for my career in radio. I was a DJ on WNOV AM Radio and worked in the DJ booth in the local disco clubs with my partner at the time. A shout out to Handsome Hank and Rattlesnake. Hey, we were teenagers.

I’m still an active DJ throughout the St. Louis area.  Click HERE for more information on how to book me for your event.

We lost our mother, Elizabeth, a few years ago, but she got to see the first incarnation of  She was very proud that my sister, Rosalind, and I paid tribute to our familial last name.  The name “Reed” has always been synonymous with hard work and perseverance.  When went dark a couple years ago, Rosalind and I had to go “back to the drawing board,” and completely start over.  Mom didn’t live to see the second incarnation of, but I know she’s looking down on us with pride.

Give us a try, and if you like what you hear, become a member of the community.  Click HERE for more information on how to join. I love feedback.  Tell me what you think on our social sites, or email me at  Thank you for listening to the station.

Peace and Love,




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